Expanding The Practice Of Sex Therapy

4-D Wheel Training for Creative Professionals



How to Use the 4-D Wheel of Sexual Experience
with Individuals, Couples, and Groups

Learn the innovative practices of the 4-D Wheel
directly from Gina Ogden, its award-winning creator

This inspirational training offers guidelines, meditations, activities, and case examples to help you incorporate the Wheel immediately into your practice in a way that will transform your clients—and you.

With each session of this training, you receive specific strategies for using the 4-D Wheel plus…

  • Handouts with resources and activities
  • Meditations to use with your clients and for yourself
  • An innovative case presentation from a seasoned 4-D Network practitioner


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(Time Limited Bonus Offer) Receive Personal Supervision from Gina!
Within one month of purchasing this online class, you have the opportunity to submit one of your cases by e-mail for supervisory comments from Gina and/or other appropriate 4-D Network practitioners.

All you have to do is:

  • Send your case by e-mail to Gina@GinaOgden.com
  • Include the receipt from your purchase of the teleseminar
  • Use the subject line “Free Personal Supervision”
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I appreciated the practical, useful tools and info, and creative inspiration. The lightbulb insights click ‘on’ as my clients explore their wholeness in the quadrants. –Judith White, MA, LLP, LPC, Kalamazoo, MI
Module 1: Introducing the 4-D Wheel to Clients
The 4-D Template and Core Dynamics of the Wheel

In this first module, Gina teaches you how to initiate 4-D Wheel sessions with your clients by inviting you to step into the essential elements of each quadrant of the Wheel: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. You will leave this session with grounded and clear information about how to invite your clients to use the Wheel with you. A bonus of this session is the innovative “Hucha Miqui” meditation for letting go of unwanted tension and breathing in peace, power, and curiosity.

Module 2: Using Power Objects—and Eliciting a “Yes!” Response from Your Clients
Using concrete objects to shine light on your clients hidden stories

One of the groundbreaking aspects of “Wheel work” includes inviting clients to bring in objects to represent aspects of their sexual story they want to nurture and aspects they want to move beyond. Working with these concrete objects is an ingenious way of focusing therapy sessions, helping your clients clarify their goals, and revealing dynamics and layers of information that often surpass those that can be accessed by talk therapy alone.

Module 3: Expanding Your Effectiveness with Couples
Strategies for couples experiencing intimacy issues, desire discrepancies, infidelity, affairs, break-ups, and more.

This session demonstrates how you can use the 4-D Wheel as an exceptional vehicle for helping partners move through a wide range of challenges and stalemates, speak about them in non-judgmental ways that their partner can hear and understand, reveal their deepest desires, and begin taking responsibility for their own pleasure.

Module 4: Offering the 4-D Wheel in Group Settings
Setting the space and inviting safe and open participation

One of Gina’s extraordinary gifts is the ability to create safety and openness in all kinds of groups. In this module, she transmits her secrets to you, so that you can help your clients and students experience profound shifts during workshops, retreats, group therapy sessions, and larger audiences. An animated online group discussion accompanies this module and underscores how the method works in actual practice.

Module 5: Integrating the 4-D Wheel with Other Practices
Incorporating your unique professional skills

Gina’s therapeutic wisdom extends beyond helping you work with clients to helping you integrate the Wheel into your own personal and professional life. Meditation and breathing practices in this session are designed to help you discover your unique creative edge—so that you can draw on competencies you have already mastered and develop new skills via the Wheel.

Module 6: Taking the 4-D Wheel Home
Helping your clients integrate change and transformation

Gina invites you to experience the Wheel as a “structure of magic:” As our clients move among the quadrants, they are also stimulating brain activity and literally rewiring their own neurobiology, and rewriting their own stories. Such transformation can occur for practitioners as well, as we expand our sense of what is possible for clients.

I appreciated Dr. Ogden’s depth of understanding about the methods and possibilities, regarding the 4-D Wheel concepts—and also the level of expertise of each of her guest speakers. –Georgia Nickles MA LMFT CSAT, Alpharetta, GA
I really loved how convenient it was, and I loved that there was a guest lecturer each session. As someone new to the sex therapy world, it is wonderful to get acquainted with leaders in the field. –Jessica Congdon, MA. Texas State University
Gina’s deep, deep wisdom. Hearing from each guest how they use the 4-D Wheel. Case examples. The structure of the sessions: 1st half: Gina’s beautiful explanations, 2nd half: the guest and the sharing of her particular application of ISIS. Very inspiring! –Carmen Martin, MA, LMFT, Carmel Valley, CA
I loved Gina’s passion and her absolute comfort with talking about the body’s experience as a structure for the spirit. I think this is such a pro-human approach – and resonates with what I know to be true – that physical pleasure or pain is powerful – we need ‘magic’ and ‘transformation’ across systems – the body of our individual selves and the body of our collective society…our healing is possible, especially if there is attention to all our various parts (body, mind, heart, spirit). –Katy Miller, MSW, LCSW, St. Louis, MO
A new way to expose and work with “the shadow” and understand sexual issues from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspectives in a simple way using a wheel! I appreciate to have had the opportunity of learning about this amazing knowledge in the comfort of my place, in a convenient time, and in a simple way… –Aleida Heinz, PhD, Charlotte, NC
Hearing the different speakers’ application and adaptation of the 4-D Wheel and concepts in their own work….(to help) clients identify new, more positive pathways for themselves that can help them to step out of old, unhelpful pathways in a way that is meaningful for them. –Jennifer Meyer MA, LPC, Denver, CO
I appreciated the ability to interact and ask questions. –Elliott Kronenfeld, LICSW, Brookline, MA